December 18th, 2002



leah: i'm dying. i wish i could just die and get it over with so i could stop worrying about it.
naomi: huuuuuh?
leah: i'm dying. of one disease or other. brain cancer. who knows?
naomi: ahhh
naomi: i see
naomi: youre just nuts
leah: no no no i'm really dying *sigh* oh death, do hurry up and take me ... do not waste time toturing me with all of such pain and sorrow. oh, woe is me.
naomi: frrrrrrrreak
leah: *frustrated smilie on yahoo*
leah: that's me waiting for death
naomi: hahahhah
naomi: more like you trying to take a dump

dude, at least i can tell/show you what i might be dying from. this beotch is just like "one disease or another".

oh, dude. the weather has been great. one minute its sunny, the next minute its pouring. fuckin cold, though.

naomi: it
naomi: is
naomi: fuckin
naomi: cold
leah: yeah it is!
leah: it hailed and snowed here today and my work got shut down. they have shut the schools down for two days
leah: i think they'll be back tomorrow though, which sucks
naomi: SHUT DOWN
naomi: ONLY IN CALIFORNIA (los angeles and surrounding desert areas)
leah: i know.
leah: but i was like coooooooooool, i can go back to sleep

i used to stand in the rain/waterfalls at school. be all soaking wet and freezing my ass off, but it was ok, cause im crazy. people always said "oh my god. youre gonna get so sick", but i never did. i hate being cold, i like being wet. its ok once ive gone numb, though. its cool, my lips turn purple/blue n shit.

i wonder how bad the hail was. maybe it was pelting people in the head. teeheehee :oP
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i slept for almost 12 hours. good stuff. now im blowing money cause i cant find my labret. 23$ aint so bad. i want to blow another 35 at another shop, but i dont know. maybe next year. i should space my shopping out a bit, at least. evidently its ok for me to use supplies from on work on my own time, so im thinkin about playing with their stuff before going to buy my own. cause i was thinking about buyin some stuff. plus i wanna talk to some of the guys first, before i go shoppin, and i wanna see if elvis would let me take that book for a day. i just remembered that school will let me make as many copies of as much shit as i want. ill just copy the pages i need.

damn, i know i said this last year, but id forgotten till just now. NEXT YEAR, i will take pictures with santa. i know what i want to wear n everything. i just dont have it. hrm, maybe if i get bored ill make something real quick. i should finish cleaning. id need some room.

but first i need to make a list. i came to the computer to make a list. lets not forget about the fuckin list.

dude, id have so much money if i could only get off my ass. the sooner i get off my ass, the sooner i make money, the sooner i can make money in other ways, the sooner i can go back to sitting on my ass and sleeping all day. that just seems so far away. want to sleep nowww.

man, i wanna go for a drive. i love my car, but sometimes it worries me. someday its gotta quit.
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how sweeet.

leah: by the way, if you want to come over my house for christmas eve dinner, you're welcome to.
naomi: why, dont wanna be alone with the family?
leah: well, i thought you might not have anyone to spend it with.
naomi: awwwwww. you was thinkin of me :oP
leah: yep

reality is, her girlfriend and boyfriend arent local, and are probably busy with their families. damn hooker.

naomi: were good at pissin it all away (we were taklin about money)
leah: we piss LIFE away
naomi: thats for damn sure
leah: we're fuckwads, naomi. we need to smarten up.

hahaha. did she realize this just now? haaaaaahahhahahaha. were different, though. shes scared, im lazy.

i dont see how i can still be sleepy after almost 12 hours. i cant stop yawning. there has got to be some sort of medication for this shit.

well, that woke me up. i just had a fight with leah. she was trying to get sympathy from me, and i wouldnt give it to her, then she started to attack me. so i was like, "lookie here, beotch". she even attacked my car. "my car will be better than your car". hello? at least ive got one, dumbass. anyway, my car is good. its not all new and shiny, but it does what cars are supposed to do.

its sad. shes smart, funny, and all kinds of good stuff, but shes also 5425256225234 kinds of fuuuuuuucked uuuuuuuuuup.

its a shame she ran away. itd have be a good little debate, if she hadent gotten so riled up.
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sooooooomeone cared enough to stalk my wishlist down (again), and bought me a knights tale on dvd fo xmas (sorry, i had to peeeak). shannon sossamon on my screen, twenty fo motha fuckin seven. awwwyeeea. thaaank youuu. again, and again, and again. now stop buyin me stuff. no, wait. feeeeeel freeeee to blow money on me. i dont mind :oP

i get the maxx too. niiiiiiice.
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i dont know

how people with boobs can stand them. i want mine gone. theyre swollen, sore, and may contain cancerous cells. i dont like them. i dont want them. wish theyd go the fuck away. it hurts just to stand up!@#!$@#!$@#!

g0sh. where did you go?

ive been sleepy all day. now that im not so sleepy, it would be a good time to go to sleep. figures.
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