December 25th, 2002


i thought i was sleepy. what happened?

i should have asked santa for a decent sleep schedule.

i dont seem to be breaking out like i had been lately. im thinkin, it may have been the chemicals.

i want a fuckin christmas tree to decorate. i havent seen one this year. i wouldnt even know it was christmas if it werent for you people. couldnt it at least rain? stupid christmas. next year i decorate my hair if i have to.

uhm. i just started dancing to music in my head. scary.

i want "learn to speak ______" tapes for my car.

people seem to like my car. "thats a nice car!", "your car drives a like a dream!". i dont know why. its old and beat up. i guess it drives better than some, but it aint that great. it is nice for not giving me problems, cept for that flat tire, which was my fault anyway. it gets me from here to there. keeps me warm, keeps me cool. its a good little bucket.

what is my plan for the new year? i need one.

think im gonna eat sandwiches and drink coffee till i cant take it no mo, and pass out.

oh. when i went to the store, i was listening to kroq. they have the most violent xmas songs.
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