January 3rd, 2003


hello. i love you. wont you tell me your name.

yeaaaaaaaaah. i do that a lot. fall in love with strangers. like luci said "men are always better in our head". whats bad is i become obsessed with these people. like this one dude. its been almost year since i met him, and im still all "damn, i want him". shit, i still want people from 5 years ago. maaan, i always want people i have no chance of getting. what is up with that. make it stop. i needs to find me an available man to become obsessed with, damnit.

i really need want a damn cd player in my car. im so sick of listening to tapes from 14325253426 years ago, over, and over again.

so i was all excited about not breaking out anymore. then i noticed the big zit. fuckin face was clearin up, dude. i was just waitin for the red to go away from previous zits id fucked with. oh well. oh wait, not oh well. shoot with collin tomorrow night!@#$!#$@! how could i say no, there was promises of food.

oh, crap. i just realized that i now have to wax, dye my hair, and do my fuckin nails. daaamnit.

someone take the computer away from me so i can get shit done. please? thanks.

no more cell phone after tomorrow. bye bye cell phone.

i want an embroidery machine.

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feed me

prophei: meat eaters eat the grass eaters
prophei: so i should eat vegetarians!!!
prophei: YES
prophei: a whole new food group!!

i like the idea of that better than eating my kitty cats. killin chickens n such for dinner makes me feel baaad. id hate to be them. they just taste sooooo daaaaaamn goooooooood. just dont eat my kitty. no wait, i want you to eat my kitty. WHICH KITTY ARE WE TALKIN ABOUT? hold, up. eat?

i want shark jerky, damnit. nowww. the only place ive ever had it was near the beach. i wonder where else i can get it. there has to be somewhere.

someone should really take my creditcard away before i do something stupid, like go shopping.
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