January 4th, 2003


slept through the night

did the same the night before. think the sleep schedule has been fixed.

i wanna spend at least 350$ damn, damn, damn. oh wait, 500$. !#$@!%#!%@!#!@ sucks.

crap i need to do before it gets dark:

dye hair
get makeup and clothes ready.

so this is the plan:

put the dye in my hair, do the waxing. get in the shower and wash up. do nails, get ready. before that i should probably go through my stuff and make sure i have everything i might need. and maybe clean up the mess i make from doing that. think thats about it. hope i see collin online before then, so i can make sure i know whats up. oh, yeah. laundry.

i dont think i can handle it. im far too lazy for all of this. i wonder which of those things isnt gonna get done. bet i end up shaving, or something.

ramen doesnt taste so bad if you put ground red pepper in it. it just becomes this warm hot thing that clears out your sinuses.

damn, i wont see him on. he started shooting last night, which means he wont be around a computer till sunday. hes on a mission.

shit. i dont even know where im going tonight.

now i do. thank god for cell phones. maybe i should keep mine till i figure out what im gonna do about a new one, since in impossible to get me on the land line. yeeeeeah, i suppose i should seeing as i have to pick up gerra at the airport next week too. fuck it.

last night i had to pee soooooo bad, but didnt. when i woke up, i was surprised in was still dry. i was sooo tiiiiiired.

laundry will take an hour, so thatll give me time im forced to fill with something other than playing on the internet, which is good. i have books to finish. the rest of the stuff is gonna kill me. im gonna get all messy with dye n wax. its gonna suck. also the hunting for stuff, and cleaning up. fuuuuuck.

proofalist: I'm gonna have to learn you about eating food that tastes good.
xangelicdestinyx: hahahahhaha
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