January 9th, 2003


i lost the other post.

stupid client was supposed to save it.

now my aim client wont let me msg mike, but i know his ass is there. i was just talking to him, and i still see him there. though when i send him a msg, it tells me hes "not available". like when people go offline.

NO WAIT. i just saw mike sn bug out, then he msged me. bet hes in control of it doin that, cause his name did before he msged me the first time, too. he says no.

when im rich im gonna have a live in cook. mmmhotliveincookmmmmmm.

porn, porn, porn. oh, man. i wanna buy porn. lots and lots of porn.

HAHAHAHAHALJKRTHGLDKRHG@!$@#!$@#! mike is funny.

i should eat something. yeeeah. food, coffee & water.

mmm. all betta. now i should find the sewing machine. then clean. i hate cleaning. once its done, ill feel stupid for not getting it over with sooner. the cleaning part isnt what sucks, its the getting off my ass part that does. then i deal with "what am i gonna do with all this crap" and "oh, god. this is boring". if i make it through all of that, im happy. most of the time "what am i gonna do with all this crap" and "oh, god. this is boring", wins. i hate that too. cant wait to move in to a place with a damn closet. then ill have a big desk and shelves. thats all i need. a desk, some shelves, and a closet. all this crap will be out of my way and easier to find. the way it is now just makes me depressed. neeeeeeed spaaaaaace,

elvis trying to save me from myself:

elvis: youve got to help me tomorrow
elvis: please...
xangelicdestinyx: you dont need my help youre just trying to trick me in to WORKING
elvis: oh im sorry
please, sleep your life away. see if i care.
xangelicdestinyx: hahaha
elvis: No. Im sorry, I dont want you to sleep your life away
elvis: i want you to work tomorrow

the day i met him i told him about my love for sleep. he didnt believe me at the time. fuck goin in. i dont know that i can get much more from it, other than cancer, which id glady do without. starting next week, ill just check the boards and call in. when i do go ill make a full day of it., instead of half, and stay late when i can. save on days and trips.

oh yeah, my tire blew on the way home from colin. sucked. and i found out a bag is missing from my car. i dont even remember all that was in it. just crap i hope. anyway, i think it was someone from the building, cause this is the only place ive left my car unlocked and had anything stolen. seems its safer to park it on the street. why the fuck cant i ever remember to lock the damn thing. i usually do that when i have a crapload of stuff to carry. not focused.

oh, yeah. sewing machine. then clean.
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