January 12th, 2003


blah blah blah

i was trying to be all normal n stuff. figured i had to leave the house anyway, i might as well get other shit done too. well it turned out i didnt need to leave the house. so i was like fuck this "i need to stay awake all day", but didnt want to take a shower till later. only wanted to do the two if i had to leave the house. so i went through some of my papers (got rid of a bunch), cleaned up in here, watched dvds, read some, dyed my hair, clean up my computer a bit and now i am sitting. trying to stay awake. that is why im typing in this little client thing for my journal. i figure with my four finger one handed typing, itll take me a few hour to finish this. cept im cold, sitting here sucks, an

thats when i passed out. hahahashjfbgsdjgdfkghlkbh. i set an alarm thinking id get up a few hours later. guess not. thats some hardcore suckage. my specialty :o\ oh, well. its a good thing no one will notice my absence. cept for maybe yvette (happy birthday, sexy :o*).

i dont know why but i didnt use soap to wash out the dye. you are supposed to use soap arent you (i pretended there was soap, but it was just water)? and that conditioner stuff? oh well. so i smell like hair dye. its not so bad. at least you cant feel it. dont know why i didnt just use soap.

so now im up. nothing to do. usually i have the cleaning, but i did that already. i should go to norms. mmmfood. jeff said hed call tomorrow about goin. i should go to his house first, get stooooooned, THEN he could drive to norms. damn that norms for being in between us, and my lameass for refusing to drive stoned.

ok, so now its 7 something, and i think im really up this time. this post was started at 11, why the hell hasnt it been posted yet. i have to try to stay awake for more than 5 minutes this time.

what to do, what to do. if i can stay awake till 7pm, then my sleep schedule will be good, and i might actually make it to work. thatd be nice. so hopefully ill keep entertained till then.

i have to go to the store. thall kill an hour. hrm. fill out papers. thall take 10 minutes, then i can mail em when i go to the store. oh, i could go get my tire replaced. that might take an hour. so the goal is to stay up until a few hours before the tire dude closes. go there, go to trader joes, then maybe another grocery store, mail my mail... LAUNDRY. i could stand to do the rest of my laundry. so thats another hour. so far looks like 4 hours worth of crap thall keep me movin till a decent bedtime. maybe ill make another mess, and have that to clean up too. thatd be lame, but it could happen. whaaaaat else do i need to do. bills have been paid, room is as good as it gets, clothes will be clean, hair is one color, kfhdlsghdghlodflgh. im already sleepy again. its still early. NAP TIME.

before i leave, you have no idea how much i love my blanket. dwaine is so hardcore. i loooooove it. its all soft, warm n cuddly. never gonna need someone of the opposite sex, or same for that matter, ever again :oP

ok, warm bed book sleep. bye.

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