January 22nd, 2003



i was up late. slept all day. oops.

only reason why im even awake right now is there was promises of food from my mother.

wonder if my books will arrive today. thatd be neat.

when i wet to go potty and brush my teeth, i looked in the mirror and i was like wtf. id forgotten i tweased my eyebrows yesterday. not a lot, but they look so neat now.

this room is a mess. laundry everywhere. i should do something about this.

im gonna reformat my harddrive. i hate this computer.

food is done. potpie for breakfast.
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oh my god

after i ate my potpie, i got sleepy. id slept for almost 12 hours, got up for like 2, and went back to sleep until now. daaaaaamnit. i was doing so well. now what the hell am i gonna do.

in my next life i hope to be a kitty cat.

this is by far the best period ive had in a looooong time. i didnt have to curl up in a little ball for a day, take pills, or use a heating pad. i didnt gush blood so uncontrollably that i couldnt leave the house. shit, i dont even have to wear a pad anymore. whats up with that ish. bet next month itll get me.

what am i gonna do right now. i dont want to clean. my books didnt arrive. i doubt i can go back to sleep. i want to be entertaaaaained. wish i had a fuckin tv.

think ill watch a knights tale. i likes chaucer. he so sexy.
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    aggravated aggravated