January 25th, 2003



i had the fuckin worst headache. had it all day yesterday, and it got worse when went to go hang with elvis and paint. i thought maybe i just need to sleep, but i woke up with it. so i took two aspirin, and put the heating pad behind my neck/head and it finally went away. then i went back to sleep. till jag called to tell me he needed to take a shit. i knew i shouldnt have answered the fuckin phone.

oh, so anyway. im so hardcore. i didnt smoke any weed last night. just painted and felt like shit. not done painting, though. i thought i was gonna die, so i was like oooooook enough of this shit. then i realized it was like 3am, so i came home.

glad that headache is gone. hope it doesnt come back.

to quote jag (i forget whyyy he was singing that to me) and steven tyler...
dude look like a ladyCollapse )
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oh so very evil


i got the green light.

ok, so someone posted a letter shed written to an ex. i was sitting here reading it, thinking "oh my god. she dated scott/trioxin". she didnt really, but ill show you why that came to mind.

"you have NOTHING to provide to another person. What gives you the right to take in these poor, emotionally damaged women, and take advantage of their already fucked up lives? Maybe you should work on fixing your own fucked up life before tampering with the lives of others. Has it ever occurred to you that every woman you've dated (including myself) has had extreme depression and self-esteem related issues?? Do you ever wonder why the "normal" girls won't have anything to do with you?"

"I pray to God that you don't cause a mental breakdown in her like you have with every other girl that has been generous enough to waste their time on you."

"I was once the queen of your castle, chuckling with you about all of these other "Psychotic" women who supposedly fucked you over in life. Well, now I'm on the other side, and I realize that each of these women had a completely valid reason for doing whatever they did to you. It will be a continuing pattern in your life, unless you grow up and stop depending on the world to baby and comfort you."

sooo amused. good stuff.

p.s. eliss = ------. remember that.

p.s.s. elvis had a bday. you forgot which day it was, and missed it. you suck.

yesterday when i went to get gas, i turned on the radio and heard:

I'm gonna asleep my life away
I'm gonna sleep all through the day
I'm gonna sleep myself away
I'm gonna close my eyes and maybe it'll go away

id never heard that song before. good timing :oP
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