January 26th, 2003


thank you

for making me smile. some of you have been around forever, now. i dont know what id do if you went away.

hiedi, jeff, sammy, colin, elvis and connie, too. even though they dont have journals, and never bother to check my site (i dont think). i love and appreciate them more than they will ever know.

even jag, who is usually good for a story and a laugh. wish he spent more time trying to understand, than telling me whats wrong and needs to be done about it.

and anyone who has ever held me. it meant more to me than anything that was ever said or done.

now, it is time for me to hide from daylight. be back around noon.
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i hate

jag and elvis. i just wanted to be cozy and sleep. first jag called to wake me up, then elvis. evlis would not get off the phone and is trying to drag me out of the house. i dont wanna fuckin play pool. i want less pain in my neck/head and to be fuckin sleeping. but nooooooooo. oh, yeah. fuckin elvis. i was painting this thing for my portfolio, and elvis finished it for me. it was pretty much finished, but i was in pain so i was like "nooooo moooooore. ill do its teeth later" the next day (yesterday) he finished it and took pictures of it so i could move on to the next piece. say what? duuuuuude. im sure it looks cool, but iiiiii wanted to fiiiiiiinish it :oP oh, well. one portfolio piece out of the way. few more to go. guess ill go hang with elvis. he did bribe me with food, n all. that is *the* way to get me movin.

synjas profile:

"I gotta find this guy I was going home with, but if I cant find him I'm going home with you instead, ok?" -- Random girl at Bliss

i am soooooo gonna have to get drunk enough to use that one.

i think i stunned joe. poor joe.
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