January 27th, 2003



went out last night. we went to tony romas. i got me some riiibs. then we went to play pool. elvis forced me to learn, then i ended up makin friends with the chick that was playing next to us, who was waiting for a friend. evidently shes a hollywood type person and learnt how to play from all these hardcore pool playin types, so she was doin a really good job of teaching me whats up. i liiike playin pool. at first i was like, "maaaaan, this sucks. im not hitting my balls hard enough to do anything, but then all of a sudden, i was doing really well. she was like "ya, know. if we were playing for money, id think you were trying to hustle me." im so hardcore :oP anyway, eventually we all went outside to smoke for a bit, then people started goin home, cept for me, and my two new friends (elvis brought a guy i didnt know, so he was new too. another effects guy). so then when that place closed down, we went to an all night diner, and drank coffee till 7am. that chick is craaaaaaazy. its amazing how much this girl knows about *everything*. shes hardcore. she also knows evvverybody. im like "wtf, i live in la, i dont know any of these people." oh yeah, i dont get out much. huh. plus i didnt got to school with a lot of famous people, either. anyhow, those two were going ooon and ooon about all these hollywood people they both know. that was sorta weird. so anyway, we all exchanged info, and will hopefully play pool again sometime soon. oh, and she says i have a good eye for detail and common sense, so she wants to teach me quality control. thatd be cool. i dont know how much money is in that, but money is money, and i think it would be something id be good at cause i am alllways finding flaws n shit. i notice the most bizarre stuff sometimes. anyway, it would be something else i could do, which would be cool.
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