February 17th, 2003


head hurts

make it stop. at least it doesnt hurt reeeeally bad. just feels like someone is trying to poke my eyes out. as most of you know, i dont like to get poked :oP

i woke up so fuckin early. i was like "what? fuck that", so i put amelie on, and got back in bed cause its waaaaarm there. then the sound on my speakers went out, so i couldnt hear it. not like it really matters, seeing as i dont understand french, but it still made it boring to watch, so i fell asleep. then my mom woke me up with food. awwwyea. whats up with that. so i ate, then went back to sleep, again. ha. im thinkin i should try to stay awake this time.

last night i went to eriks house with yvette and adam to watch chicago. i wanna know how they got all of catherine zeta jones hair under that itty bitty wig she had on. or did she cut it?

oh, i hadnt straightened out my bangs since the day i cut them, then i told yvette i would so she could laugh. anyway, i noticed that theyre all uneven but it was too late to do anything about it, so just now i tried to even em out. !#%@!%#!%@! oh well.

guess my headache is gone, cause while i was in the bathroom messin with my hair i thought it be a wonderful idea to jump and spin around so i could watch my hair flair out. heh. the things i do to amuse myself. oh, i also put makeup on. its a shame i didnt take a shower first, cause then id be ready to leave teh house.

so nowwwwww, i dont know. im bored. i received an email about a job that doesnt start for another 3-6 months! pffft!$#@!$#@!

dude. my mom has been cleaning the kitchen, aaaaaand she bought food. i dont know if shes trying to be nice, or poison me. i dont care either way, im juts glad to be eatin.

wish id stop breakin out. wish itd not fuck with my face. think im gonna paint my nails before i they go bye-bye.

i cant belive i got 3.0 on the slut-o-meter. and only 1.5 of you wanna kick my ass? wtf?
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