February 28th, 2003


yes, i do. *wink wink* :oP

i talked to my hiedi hoe for 3 hours last night. 3 hours! my mom is gonna kill me when she gets the phone bill. oh well. so, that was good. we have fun. ive been bored. shes needs to move her ass back to california. soooooon, damnit. the only time we ever fight is when we start talkin about money and payin my ex roommate back. she "borrowed" a lot of money from him 4 years ago, and i didnt think she ever planed on paying him back (instead she went to italy). anyhow, she asked for his address. that made me happy. i miiiiiiiiiiiiss her.

miss elvis too. hes been busy. hill be gone for at least a month :o\

wish it were a bit warmer. not even outside, but inside. outside isnt so bad. in the house i have to wear a jacket, but i keep having to take it off cause i gets too hot, then i get all cold again. also, my blankets are getting to be too much. theyre good for when i first get into bed, but when i wake up im all sweaty. its a shame it doesnt get rainy when the sun starts to go down, then stops and gets nice and warm when the sun comes up. thatd be perrrrrfect. either that, or a nice warm house to hide in. mmm warm. i hate to be cold. maybe when im rich ill jump around from climate to climate as they suit me :oP in the meantime, why the hell cant it just be summer? this is california!$#@!$@#!

james has a cold, and i feel fine. i thought i felt a bit icky when i left his house on monday, but my body must have kicked it. poor sniffily james.

i need a haircut.

im getting old.

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