March 2nd, 2003



i want to add interesting people to my friends list. who should i add? dont recommend anyone who posts tons (im talkin TONS) of quizzes or pictures of themselves and other lj users. im not interested. or people who say shit like "i should update, but i dont feel like it. maybe tomorrow". cause i want to slam their heads into a concrete wall. who else... people who feel the need to make a new entry for every fuckin thought. so their 10 entries are all one minute apart, if that. especially cause theyre never really saying anything. its always just crap. i could see if it was the way they wanted to organize their journal, but no. people are just annoying. also, people who blame everything on everyone/thing else. it couldnt possibly be them, because they are so damn wonderful. uh huh. oh, and victims. always the fuckin victim. i dont feel sorry for the victims.

enter usernames here.

damn, im really on a mission. im gonna find me some interesting people. no more of this adding people back, shit. well, maybe. thats how i met most of you, so im glad i did it, but im gonna be all friendly now n shit. most of the time i only add people ive hung out with to be nice, but im gonna be nice to perfect fuckin strangers now. how about that! :oP

awwwyea. my space fire hazard space heater shipped! thaaaaank youuuuuuu!$#@!$#! :o*

im gonna go make me some candy coffee. then maybe watch amelie. again.
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not gonna be seeing james anymore.

yvette, so whats up with the other exes you were showin me? they sill available? ;o) no sluts this time, please :oP :o\
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