March 13th, 2003


im amused

so im sittin here all bored. tryin to keep entertained so i search "star+signs+aries" on google...

Aries are reckless(!) and determined. Nothing will stand in their way if they can help it, including people (:ox). They've got heaps of physical energy (when happy) and are very competitive (-/+). They have to come first in everything (:ox). If they don't, they'll let you know what a bad loser they are(!). Never tell an Aries they're wrong either (:ox). They become dangerous(!). They make fantastic mates, great leaders and good politicians. They like to supervise and organize more than actually working(!). Never (NEVER) ignore this sign as their ego will be severely deflated and that's not(!) a pretty sight. It's not all bad - they're friendly, kind and generous and certainly cute to a sagittarian (james sign)!

funny, aint it? ok, now that the amusement wore off, im bored :o\ actually, my head hurts. somebody shoot me. woke up at 5:30am, tried to sleep it off, but it wont go the fuck awayyy$@!!#$@!$@!

oh, my mom called me old and/or fat, the other day. i was putting on dresses, and i put on this one that is kind of short, and she was like "you know youre getting to old to wear shit like that. it may look good when youre 19, but not when youre 25". im not even 23, yet!@#$!#$@!#$@!
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"why men love bitches"


oh, yeah. so... my birthday is comin up. what ya niggas gonna get me? ;o)

man, this book is gonna tell me horrible horribe thiiiiings. this cant be good. poor james :oP
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