March 20th, 2003


im toootally apathetic

oh, man. i was at the library of james, and picked up a book that said apathy is *this close* to death. how horrible. so now im determined to give a shit about sooomething. anyyything ;o) blah. its so difficult. i give up. im goin to sleep! :oP

heh. actually, no im not. i just got back from sleep fest, 2003. i dont think i ever want to sleep again. im so impressed. ive been out slept.

its weird how i dont want to go outside, until im actually out there. then im like "oh, its soooooo nice out". i really want a better car sos i can go a drivin, without worrying about getting stuck. i likes a drivin. the only part that sucks, is paying for gas. that ish is expensive!!$#@!$#!@! wish itd go back down to a dollar a gallon :oP

ok, so since ive been sleeping for the past few days, im gonna clean till i cant clean no mo. that was alot of fuckin sleep!$!$#!@$@#

"i only want to know enough to destroy"

cant wait to get through the rest of that book. im sure im much worse than *just* apathetic :oP
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