March 24th, 2003


took me an entire day to make this post.

i went through allllllll of my clothes today. i forgot i even owned most of this shit. i have tons of shit to take to the dry cleaner, but that will have to wait till i have money to blow, and a closet. tomorrow im doin laundry with my faaavorite daddy/doctor/cowboy/vampire type person. i think. that was the plan, anyway. woohoo. ive gots a laundry buddy.

i want gummi bears. mmm. all ive got are kettle krisps. guess theyll have to due.

now im sick of kettle krisps. maybe i should try actual food.

im hardly bleeding or cramping. this is so strange.

lalala. i aint gots what i neeeeed. this sucks

fluffy always comes to say hi when i open the door. hes so cute. my kitty cant be bothered cause shes too busy sleepin. juuuuust liiiiiike meeee :oP

its probably past my bedtime. yes. it is. its a shame theres no room on my bed for me to sleep, because of the mess i made made while gion through my stuff. i sure as hell dont wanna clean it up. im sleepy :o\

were so lame...
colin: another damn nite
xangelicdestinyx: yup
colin: any good news?
xangelicdestinyx: nope
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