March 26th, 2003


dont let me dooooooo thaaaaaaaaat

i had to pee at bedtime, but james was so warm and cuddly i didnt move. then we got out of bed late cause hes so warm and cuddly, and were in a hurry to get out of the house. i went pee just now (6:30am. my computer is set 30 minutes fast). id been holding medium/large (the large is LARGE) horchata (mmm) for almost 12 hours. not a good idea. at least it wasnt painful or hard to hold. i feel bit weird now that ive let it out, though.

now im bleeding heavily. this being a chick thing is just sooo much fun. next life, i better be a cat. if not a cat, then a guy. i wanna be the one doin the poking.

that hans is sooo cute. have i said this enough? if you put your hand close enough, hill put his paw on top of it and go to sleep. hes also part of the reason i didnt want to get out of bed. i didnt want to have move anyone. its getting hot, though. cuddling gets sticky after a while :o\ eventually i had to separate myself from james, and move hans. at that point i was too lazy to move. i wasnt even sleepy, just lazy. so i just hung out in bed. probably should of read my book, but everytime i thought about it, james would turn his head towards me, and i didnt want to turn the light on. hed have just rolled over, but i hate to wake people up. especially cause he said the night before last, he could hardly sleep. kept havin funky dreams and waking up then at work everyone thought he was sad, and he looked like a zombie by the time i got there. he wants another day off :oP

ive got buuurger king!$#@!$! i think ill eat one more burger, put in a movie in and go back to sleep for a bit. maybe make a list of shit i need to do, so i dont forget. though, i may have done just about everything yesterday. oh, well. theres always goin through my stuff, and throwing shit away. oh, and cutting my bangs, and dying my hair. still havent done that. might have to drive a bit for the dye. i couldnt find anything i liked at the beauty supply near my house.
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