April 6th, 2003


ok, fine. fer sure, fer sure. shes a...

i shouldnt be allowed to listen to that sooooong. its been stuck in my head for days, now.

anyhow, i gots me a dvd (fight club) and cd (the doors) for my bday. THAAAAAAANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU!$#@!#$! ive already watched the movie, i think twice (i kept getting distracted), and will be watching it again when i bring it to james house. he says "i dig that movie" :oP the cd is playin right now. ive been listening to the same ole crap cause im too broke for cds, and i dont bother with mp3s cause of my connection (modem). so, yay for new/old music! :oP

i thought i was annoyed with james last night. funny how that fades so fast. maybe i just needed that nap. or maybe i got fucked up before i could remember :oP

i hate being cold sucks. think ill blast my heater and go back to bed. thanks for that, too. early bday present :oP

oh, i finally finished bleeding. i was on my rag for almost two weeks. this was the strangest period ive ever had. wonder what its gonna do next time.
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