April 23rd, 2003



i have to get ready soon. fuuuuuuck. i still need to dye my hair back to one color, too. watch, ill stain my face, feel like an idiot, then not go. damnit, i hate having to deal with people. i dont waaaaaanna mingle. maybe ill just sit and drink :oP oh, no. but elvis will be there, and hell wanna drag me around. hes already talkin about how i should try to get some work out of this. i dont wanna, i just wanna chill, and say hi to the homies. at least ive decided on what to wear. i was gonna wear jeans, but i dont have a belt, so i figure they might fall off. so, thats a no go. i have an outtie, and i dont want strangers staring at my bellybutton. though, what im gonna wear might expose it anyway. at least it wont be seen at all times. people will only get a glimpse. maybe ill just hike my pants up real high, and walk around with camel toe. thatll look real nice as i offering up "the sex" to the david... how the fuck do you pronounce his last name (boreanaz)? :oP

damn, id really rather be doing other things. like sleeping. i dont waaaaaanna be social. but at the same time, i know that if i dont go, itll be thrown in my face for-fuckin-ever (like the halloween party, which i wasnt even around for! hello, people?), and ill wish i had. oh well. i guess i should do something about my hair and finger nails. find some makeup, too.

sometimes i wonder if i am agoraphobic, or something. cause i dont waaaaaanna go. most people would be all excited about goin to a party, and meetin new people. im not. well, im sorta excited about seein the homies, and gettin drunk. though, i probably wont even do that. i bet once i get there, ill decide i want to keep from making an ass of myself, and not have more than one drink. maybe two. plus, im driving. i think. the problem is, sometimes im drunk before i know it. one minute im good, the next im all "i dont feel so good. i need to sit down, now". i used to hold my liquor much better. i better eat something before i start drinking.

oh, yeah. elvis says im not allowed to smoke weed tonight, cause i get paranoid (think i left the computer on and its gonna start a fire, or forgot to lock my car up. shit like that). im thinkin thats a pretty good idear. im paranoid enough as it is when im sober.

ok, so who wants to bet i dont ever get around to doing my hair or makeup? :oP

damnit, what is wrong with me. im a chick. i used to love to do this shit.

someone should just wake me when its over :oP

oh, today i found out that the pill will decrease your sex drive. ive been on the pill for a month. that explains sooo much. i hope.

and jerry is stubborn as hell. nice guy, but, oh my fuckin god. he has no problem writing a screenplay, but a letter of recommendation? heh. he got me over there to write the damn thing for him. it didnt get written for hours, cause i refused to do it. finally, i gave up. i was sleepy, and wanted to go home some time this year. so i called my mom and elvis. they ended up writing the rest of it :oP

oh, and he also threw my birthday cake away. he bought me a fuckin birthday cake, got pissed cause i couldnt pick it up, and pitched it. youd think he was my boyfriend, or something.

anyway, we watched "not another teen movie". i liked it. the main dude used to be an fx guy? hes kind of cute.

colin just told me that his bro will be at the party, for sure, since he just mentioned it to him. right ooon!

man, my friends (not "friends") rule. gots to love, love, love them/yous.

one point for emode:
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