May 1st, 2003


dear naomi,

that doughnut you just ate, will do no good. you cant just eat crap so you dont feel hungry anymore. you need fuel, asshole.

oh, yeah. please dont ever, EVER, cut your hair while youre like that EVER AGAIN. that was really stupid.

you also need to buy more hair dye. it didnt cover all of your hair last time, and now it looks even more retarded than it did. dont even think about using the blue black hair dye, or youll get upset and wanna shave your head. buy the right color, and get it over with so you can ignore your hair for a while. you messed it up big time, dumbass. dont eeeeeven attempt to fix it. youll only make it worse.

clean up the mess you made. if you dont itll just get worse, then youll really not wanna deal with it. do it now. ok, later. everything is gonna close soon, and youve got all night to mess with this shit. but no fuckin sleeping before its done. i dont care if youre tired. maybe if you ate some actual food, you wouldnt be.

you know, if youd just do like you keep talkin about in your head, youd be much happier. you know how to add. whats your fuckin problem? you depress me. i thought you were smarter than this.

spend some time in the sun today. computer = bad, sun = good. seriously.

put your list on the wall so it can remind you.

call about getting your teeth cleaned!

dont forget to pick up your books.

go, go, go. now, now, now.

why the hell did she buy doughnuts, anyway? and all that other crap, like yoohoo. no fuckin food. what was she thinking? yuck. dont eat it, naomi. pleeeeeeease. theres gotta be something you can make. and take your fuckin vitamins.

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