May 20th, 2003



last night i was fuckin DEPRESSED, as i bunch of you know (or could tell). but around 2am (felt like 5am), something changed, and i feel better. i thought it was gonna be temporary, but i woke up feelin good and havent gotten depressed, yet (amazing!). im just hopin this lasts.

guess whos goin to magic mountain on thursday? meeeeee (and yvetter. and her son. and maybe some other relatives)! wez gonna have some fun. fun fun fun. be needin some damn fun.

ive decided to work on a modeling portfolio. collin thinks i could get work, so hes gonna take some pics of me (eddie, you should tooooo). hes also gonna refer me to others. thats cool. should be fun. if nothing else, ill end up with some neato pictures of myself.

tomorrow i go back to take care of more stuff. may have to go back on friday, but that should be it. then ill be set. just need to finish paperwork.

im gonna go drop of some stuff, go to the store, then kinkos. when i come home, maybe ill do some research, and work on my websites. gettin ready. almost there.

i thought this was funny:

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