May 21st, 2003


ok ok.

i got all sad last night. but at least this time i had a decent reason. everyone is fuckin dying. i haaaaaaate that. im always so paranoid something is gonna happen to someone i care about. thats why i like to be on good terms with everyone. i dont want anyone to die while im not speaking to them. i *just* made nice nice with glen, and now i have to detach from james. lameo. stupid victor had to go and traumatize meee. oh. im not speaking to jag, either. but fuck him. anyway, people keep dying. so i went and visited a bunch of old friends today. lots of crazy people. lots of drama. lots of death. but now im home, in my safe little world where no one dies, they just stop posting in their livejournal :oP

i hold in my hand a little piece of paper saying that i dont have any communicable or contagious diseases. aw-mother-fuckin-yeah. its ooooooon. friday will be a busy day. i wonder how long all of this crap is gonna take. all i know, is im set. ready to roll. lets go!

i might be house/animal sitting soon, so im gonna be going through computer withdrawals. my friends grandma wants to go out of town, and cant trust her granddaughter. how fuck up is that. this woman needs a break. if anyone in this world is strong, its this woman. shes the tiniest little thing, but nothing can break her. shes been through sooo much. my shrinks think im a tough cookie, but id have probably killed myself by now if had to deal with all the crap she chooses to take on. she is the epitome of a survivor. she wont even cry. "it wont change anything". so i agreed to take care of stuff while she goes on vacation. its a good thing i decided to visit today.

somehow i managed to wake up at 6am, without an alarm. i didnt even need to get up untill 7am. shiiiiiit. i am sooo sleeeeeepy. the heat aint helpin any.

so, before i nap, or keep myself occupied so that i dont fall over in this chair. i want yall to know that i loooooove youuuuu. thank you so very, very, very much for being a part of my life. im a lucky girl. should you ever leave, id miss you.

ok. bye.

oh, no. wait. ive got a date! my shrink, of all people, is trying to hook me up with some dude from england. i spoke to him last night. he seems nice. sounds scottish. my mom couldnt understand what he was saying when he called. i was amused. were gonna meet up on tuesday (i think). he sounded sort of disappointed that i didnt want to meet sooner, but ive got crap to do until then. hell live.

I HATE ELVIS. just kidding :oP
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ok, so i took a nap for a few hours. probably not the best idea, but ohhh well.

tomorrow is magic mountain day!$#!@$#@! teeheehehehehehe *pant* hehehehehehhe ;o) that is so cool. so cool! sooo cooooool!$#@!$#@ i mean, hot :oP its gonna be fuckin HOT :o\

today was a good day. got to chat with the doctor a bit. hes a really cool guy. went and visited some friends. love, love, love them. aaaand... took a nap. i worship hypnos :oP

oh! i found out today that herpes zoster is airborne. greaaat. apparently, you can get it anywhere. like the grocery store. im never leaving the house again. cept to go to magic mountain :oP

did i mention that i looooooooove you? well i do :oP

i cant believe im in such a good mood. this is fuckin amazing. now i feel sort of silly for being upset for an entire week. that was some hardcore shit, mang. but now i feel sooo much better. its almost like i was trippin.


probably not *just* pmsing, but im sure that didnt help any. fuckin aye.

ok, im bored now. if elvis or steve dont come online soon, im gonna be forced to entertain myself :o\
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