May 25th, 2003


what a mess

i made such a mess before i left the house last night. theres not even a path so that i can get to the door. i have to hop over shit. its horrible.

ive been up for a while. im suprised. i was sooo tired last night. probably cause i smoked more than drank, so instead of being dizzy, i was sleeeeeeeepy.

i think i might pay for internet once i finish cleaning. i havent paid cause i figured i need something to prevent me from sitting here all day, but it doesnt seem to be working. i keep making new accounts telling myself "just a few more hours", but its never *just* "a few more hours". so i might as well pay. then i can use my primary email adress again. woohoo. though, the good thing about this is it forces me to get offline from time to time. but then i just sit around thinking about all the stuff i want to look up on the internet, and log back on. which is good, too. cause instead of sitting here, just staring into the screen, i know i have a time limit so that forces me to find a reason to be on. other than lj, and aim. anyway. today might be the day. im tired of getting booted, signing up to get "just a few more hours", and having to switch screen names to check my email. i give in. the ineternet can have me :o\

poor elvis and his (ex?) gf are having a crisis. im glad im not their situation. especially hers. thats gotta be rough.

the bill for my lab test is here. theyre fuckin quick. what sucks is, i could have gotten the hiv test for free somewheres else, and i think thats all they wanted my blood for. its just a shame my last test results were more than 30 days old. i might have been able to bring that in and not need my blood drawn, but nooo. they got to poke and bill me. the poking wasnt bad, at least. i always freak out like its gonna be hellish, and then its over before im even sure in the needle is in.

blah, blah, blah. ok, so i was talkin about not blowing time on crap, and here i am. guess ill go be semi-productive now. maybe even clean.
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