June 5th, 2003


thank god i never got rid of my old computer

i have been in hell for the past couple of days. first i couldnt get online (and i thought *that* was bad), then once that was resolved, i got a virus. so ive been trying to deal with that ever since. first it messed with my cd creator softwear, so i couldnt save my crap to a disk. then it was making my computer so slow, that i couldnt do anything (including get online). on top of that, it wouldnt let me get to my desktop (beyond bad). id log in, but get a userinit.exe error and nothing would load. around 6am (thats me being nice, i wanted to call hours before) i called jag, and was all "my computer has a virus!" it aint doin shit!!!". at that point i could still get in, it was just fuckin slow and it seemed to be getting worse. plus i couldnt get my stuff off of the harddrive. after i spoke to him, it started to give me that bastard error, even in safemode. so i called back cryyying. i was like, "3 years of my life GONE. get it baaack" he said hed try to help me when he got home, but im impatient, so i reinstalled windows in another folder (paranoia). the whole time i was thinking, "OH MY GOD. WHAT IF I JUST MADE THINGS WORSE! WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST DO!$#!@$#@!$", but when i got in and did a search for one of my files, it was there. so i clicked its location, and things seem to be ok. i havent gone trough all of my folders, but it looks like i didnt lose anything. only, i cant reinstall the modem, or the cd creator softwear. oh well. as long as my stuff is still there, im cool. god, you have no idea how much crap i save. i have folders, upon folders of crap. shit, i never use paper anymore. everything gets typed up. i was sooo freaked out. *this close* to slitting my fuckin wrists. hopefully ill get my crap off of there soon. this computer wouldnt be so bad if it had a dvd player :o\
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