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i think im awake for good this time. ive got more bruises since i left the house last night, i wonder how that happened :o\ i havent gone pee since i started drinking last night, i dont have to go. ISNT THAT STRANGE? the same thing happened to me last time. i never have a hangover either. ive woken up dizzy because i was still a little drunk, but i wasent in pain or anything. i dont know whats wrong with me. what else... if i got REALLY fucked up and couldnt stand or sit up i could still talk to you just fine until i got sick and started throwing up. my friends mom was impressed :o) im glad i didnt barf last night :o) ive only thrown up all over the place twice and each time my ex bestfried and her mom got to laugh at me :o\ the first time was when i was like 12 and her mom wasent too happy with me, but the second time was last year ago when i moved in with her and her mom came over for the BBQ. im listening to "friends in low places" (garth brooks) cause i was trying to sing this last night but couldnt remember the words :o\ i always have the strangest friends. i bet we were the only people bumpin KISS.FM all the way to club, and i was probably the only person who about 3 minutes out the door was trying to remember the lyrics to a garth brooks song. my friend was gonna buy a britny spears cd at 7-11 but we decided britny wasent worth $18. im hungry :o\

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