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scott: you in love with the world yet?
angelicdestiny: huh?
scott: I keep waiting for a day that you wake up and decide the world is a wonderful place...
angelicdestiny: why is it so wonderful?
scott: so tell me do you like Oatmeal?
angelicdestiny: cream of wheat
scott: I have managed to convince myself it is a living being...
scott: I like to cuddle with it...
angelicdestiny: the world?
scott: no oatmeal...
angelicdestiny: ahhh
scott: it's warm
angelicdestiny: id rather cuddle with my pillow
scottt: pillows are cold
scott: Oatmeal is warm... like love...
angelicdestiny: k, then you keep your oatmeal, ill keep my pillow
scott: I am going to make a pool of Oatmeal...
scott: Then I can submerge myself in its loving hug...
angelicdestiny: fun
scott: Have you ever put Oatmeal on your parts?
angelicdestiny: no, thanks
scott: heh
scott: ::hugs::

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