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Astrology Makeover

A Virgo!
It's sooo you!

The planets are very complex. Maybe your astrologist will disagree, and maybe a few tendencies will vary, but overall you're a VIRGO. You've got that reserved and modest demeanor, just like the astrological symbol of Virgo, the virgin. You are not, however, one to sit passively as the world passes you by. Quite the contrary. Your mind is extremely analytical. You want an answer for every question you pose, and you immediately raise a new question for every answer you're given. Such perfectionism and inquisitiveness manner clearly invite stress and worry into your life. But your practical and organized lifestyle lets you to keep these feelings under control. You are the most conscientious and analytical sign in the zodiac.

Some famous Virgos:

Sophia Loren
Leo Tolstoy
D.H. Lawrence
Jesse James
Ingrid Bergman

but im an aries :o\

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