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i let the bitch wake me up :o\ i dont know what i was thinking. it must be her "time of the month" because this is the second time in less than 24 hours shes gotten all sappy on me. she says im good, but i shock/scare her sometimes. i dont see how i can shock her with anything i do or say, she already knows im twisted. oh well, im sure ill figure out something >:o) she wants to call me back, so im gonna have to get offline again :o\ i neeeeeeeed dsl. soon i hope. she says she wont try to share her feelings with me anymore cause i laugh. I CANT HELP IT! YOU SHOULD HEAR THE BITCH!!! its funny, yo. she says maybe shell give me a card or something. hahaha. i bet she gets all sappy on our next phone call :o\ i wish shed wait till im drunk or something.

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