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its been nice the past few days, not all hot and sticky. even though ive been freezing my ass of at night. the kids in my building went nutty when it started to rain, running around screaming "ITS RAINING!!! ITS RAINING!!!", then they went inside their apartments. THANK GOD!!! those kids play right in front of my window all day, and they are *bad*. im talking about kids from the ages 7-11, talking about all kinda of nasty/perverted shit. its scary. their parents can never go looking for them either, they just shout their childrens names until they come home and you know how kids are, theyll pretend they didnt hear you until you come looking for them. so these parents just shout, forever it seems like, then if someone from one of the other apartments tells them to shutup they go off. IT MAKES ME WANT TO GO OFF!!!

jag wants to start shit with me everyday, then goes on about how he wants me to be happy. right.

i dont want to go to dinner with jeff. hell take to some shitty restaurant , where ill spend money i shouldnt be spending on a shitty meal only to say hes not gonna rent a car for me. i can already tell he doesnt want to do it, why cant he just say no instead of making me go through all this.

my hair has been falling out worse than ever :o\

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