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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! im cracking up here! this is toooooooo funny. okay, first of all. i am feared by satan! btw, i own him and his pimply ass isnt pink ;o)

second, this guy is an idiot. he just announced that i have been banned from his journal. OH NO! LIKE I GIVE A FUCK!!! i think last night was the first time ive even posted in it. anyhow, its not like i ever read the thing after repeated annoying emails from him asking me to visit his website, then his obnoxious behavior in my chatroom when i didnt immediately fall in love with him after checking it out. not to mention the quiz he was giving me about his site/poetry. hahaha. ok, wait. i did every once and a while, only to point out to jag what a tard yardley is, but evidently jag already knew this because hes run into the guy on irc! its just a shame the wuss deleted the post that took more than ten seconds for me to type.

last but not least. QUIT DELETING YOUR JOURNALS PEOPLE, sheesh :o\

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