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hrm, ok. to be honest i didnt really go through the guys website the first time. i mean i went to go check it out, but it wasent terribly interesting, so didnt waste anymore of my time there. anyway, i thought i might have missed out on something wonderful, so i decided to *really* check it out this time. get a load of this bullshit! hahaha. i couldnt go any further after reading that. hahahahahaha.

"Once upon a time, a man sat under a tree. That tree hid something from view... yet no one knew quite what was being hidden. Until the day that the tree was cut down. That day is today. Open your eyes, look at what the tree once hid.

Well, in a general statement... liquified.visions is a compilation of things that I felt like putting up for the world to see. Any poetic works or opinion papers that are on this page are written by me. I sometimes like to express myself in weird ways... and a lot of the time I am misunderstood, but maybe someday... something here will make sense to you. If that day never comes... then either I was lacking the ability to convey my thoughts accurately and adequately... or the topic that I was trying to discuss was just a little out of your grasp. Regardless, this is meant to be read and meant to invoke thought and possibly to inspire.

I hope you enjoy this little spot on the web. Give me some feedback if you like it... and if you don't like it... well, then give me feedback anyway. I accept all types of criticism and praise. Enough of this though... go back to the main site and read.

- Liquid Steel"

ok, and i just found this here.

"the only mention of "fake" is at the beginning and that only applies to people that i have talked to or that have tried to impress or do things to get attention from me."

ummm, HELLO! isnt that exactly what he was doing when he was trying to shove his site/poetry up my ass??? hahaha. what a silly boy, that yardley is :o)

this taken from that same page

"you have no idea who i am or what i am about. any statement you make about me is unfounded and based purely upon your own shallow speculation. you sit there and criticize me, yet let us look at your journal which shows absolutely no form of deep thought or personality definition. "i had eggs today"... wow, you are a great one."

now check this out.

oops. as i read further, i notice xenia has already pointed that out :o)

heh, this dude has the nerve to call others names!?! (same page).

"i am glad to hear that you think i am a terrible person. i think you are immature, unintelligent and frankly a bitch. this has been backed up on numerous occassions by your posts, your actions, and your inconsiderate nature."

heh, heh. NO COMMENT. *tee hee*

damn, i cant belive ive missed all this until now! sometimes things scroll off of my "friends" page to quickly :o\

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