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looks like its password changin time. the BIG FAT DIRTY BITCH (my mother) has been going through my computer. im thinkin either she knows the password to get into windows or she does it while im in the shower, takin a shit or something like that. that shit pisses me off. there is no reason for her touch my computer, she has one of her own. if she wanted the url to my site all she had to do was ask. its not like i have anything to hide from the bitch. she knows im writing in my journal right now, BET THATS DRIVING HER NUTS cause from this point on she wont be able to use *my* computer to read my journal, even though i know she has the url because she keeps ALL my info. like if i write someones or phone number or address on a piece of paper and leave it out, shell copy it down and write it in her little book to stalk me with later. thats shits CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY!!! no wonder i hate stalkers so much, ive been living with one most of my life. someday, when she doesnt have my shit at her house anymore, im not gonna give her my address or phone number and just be done with her, like everyone one else in her family. thanks to her being a fuckin nutty bitch i have no family. THANKS MOM. shit, she had to stalk me down to get the phone number to my apartment when i moved from the valley to temecula then back to los angeles again. im thinkin i might have to change my name or something next time around. fuck, for someone whose been trying to get rid of me her whole fucking life, she sure is up my ass all the time. oh well.

last night the dj sucked and the guys were just strange. as i was walking out to the patio cause it was hot inside, some random dude got up in my face and tried to kiss me! oh yes, did i forget to mention that i *hate* people and to leave the house? well, i do.

i wonder when my new boobs are gonna go away.

where is my period?

my bitch woke me up today. she says my voice has changed, i noticed that last night as well. so im thinkin, maybe im about to go through puberty? HAHAHA :o\

oh, yay. the neighbor (another one whose kids hardly have anything to do with her) is here to bitch about the phone line being busy. as if she didnt just talk to my mom 30 mins ago and didnt live one door down. hmmm, why havent i knocked the shit out of this lady? shes here talking shit, but fails to remember IVE BEEN INVITED, EVEN ASKED TO STAY HERE TILL THINKSGIVING!!! which im not gonna do, but of course when its shit talkin time, does anyone remember these things? nope. all of a sudden its "yeah, i know. i dont know why shes here". fuck em.
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