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jag: hrmmm
jag: anything happen last night ?
jag: what you doing ?
angelicdestiny: some random guy i was walking past tried to kiss me
angelicdestiny: chatting
jag: with who ?
angelicdestiny: g0sh
jag: ok thats fun.
angelicdestiny: its ok
jag: thanks for blowing me off for g0sh.
jag: bye now.
jag: whats ok ?
angelicdestiny: chatting
jag: you have a good conversation about "something" since you can't talk to me right..
jag: going out
jag signed off at 6:18:56 PM.

for the record jag was on a total of 5 minutes and im just as slow getting back to mr. g0sh as i am jag, but im the nutty one right? uh huh.

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