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flight was delayed 2 HOURS :o\

last night i tricked jag into thinking i wanted to have sex with his ass. IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!

...jag wants to tell it.

JAG speaking---> "She kept on getting on me and saying stuff like 'make my kitty purr Jag' 'I want your dick in my kitty', and I was all like 'I can't have sex with you yo, I just met you, and I love you and shit' but for like 30 minutes, and we kept on laughing cause I knew she was full of shit. But I think she wanted me to y'know, I just didn't take my pants off. Oh, then I bit her nose, and she went into the bathroom and cried."

ME---> LIES, LIES ALLLLLLLLLLL LIES! it was more like "my dicks small, im ugly and i have diseases", "i cant do it cause i love you and i dont want you to think all i want you for is sex" oh and a whole lot of "i caaaaaaaaaaaant, ill do it later" then he said he had to go to the bathroom to whack off so i had to follow his ass into the bathroom and watch him pee to make sure he didnt whack it. when he was done he started begging me to make his dick hard again so i hit, pinched and slapped it >:o) i laughed at him for a while then it was time to sleep.

btw... he brought a knife, but hasnt killed me... yet. he keeps trying to give the knife to me (i think he wants me to cut his ass up).

were at rays house now and gonna go to my friend hiedis house soon. ray posted about me in his journal...

i look like a man with no makeup wearing sweatpants and jags hoodie.

jag is a fag.

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