angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

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still alive.

i *HATE* jags computer! this thing is soooooooo slow!!! :o\

i havent been on the net in a week :o\ :o\

trying to figure out who has added me and deleted me in the past week is a bitch cause i dont know where the LJ client is on this computer/os :o\ :o\ :o\ anyone who has booted me from your "friends" are MEAN ;o)

i wanna check my email, but i dont know how to telnet from here either :o\ :o\ :o\

i dont have my AIM buddy list here :o\ if i chat with you on AIM msg me! :o) im using GAIM its not like AIM, so if i dont get back to you soon that could mean ive lost your window, msg me again.

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