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so sad :'o(

evidently "butterfly" by crazytown has hit #1 on KROQ, THE END and a bunch of other radio stations, im sure. so now im wondering if someday ill be able to sell that email from "shifty" on ebay for like $3456734567856789, or something ;o) you know, ive never sold anything on ebay, but thats probably because ive never had anything of worth :o\ anyhow, im bored. can you tell? :oP~~~

im supposed to go hang with my "tour guide" (bryan) and dale tomorrow. that should prove quite interesting.

MAYBE ill go to the mall to exchange my vinyl pants cause i bought them a few weeks ago with an owie on them :o\ now that im thinking about it; its strange how jag *wanted* to buy those pants for me when hes the one that was all against me waring vinyl in the first place. oh well. maybe ill pick up some food and some hair bleach/dye while im out. anything else?

i just ate about an hour ago and that seems to have made me ever more hungry than i was in the first place.

things have been so calm since jag has been away and my tummy doesnt hurt anymore :o) i wish he were here though :o\ i give him 3 days upon his return to fuck shit up again. funfunfun.

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