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fuck it. im nocturnal or something. how am i ever gonna do stuff during the day if i cant fall asleep before the sun comes up :o\ i wont even be close to sleepy, but as soon as it starts to get light out i *have* to pass out. if i dont, i act all crazy till i get my 12 hour nap, then im back to my good ole lethargic self again.

jag, dont call me so early or call me *really* early to wake my ass up, ok? and stop trying to make your friends hang out with me, im fine. oops, i forgot to delete the post jeff made on my journal yesterday (he posted his a phone number and you know how much the freaks like to hangout around my LJ, so i better go delete it.).

the sun should be comming up soon, so i guess i should turn everything off now. night night.

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