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everybody should own a jag... or not

21:17:57 jag: i just don't feel like kissing your ass most of the time
21:18:51 jag: i do my best, if it isn't enough, not my fault
21:18:58 jag: i'm gonna sleep, nite
21:19:31 xangelicdestinyx: k pissy goodnight
21:19:40 jag: hehehe
21:19:42 jag: oh shit
21:19:45 jag: yeah i was pissy
21:19:49 jag: i'm not even sleepy
21:20:05 jag: i love you AD
21:21:10 xangelicdestinyx: ive heard
21:21:14 jag: like i'm yours
21:21:35 jag: its dumb on my part to pretend otherwise
21:21:48 jag: you've got me wrapped around your finger
21:23:46 xangelicdestinyx: thought you didnt like kissing my ass?
21:24:05 jag: i don't
21:24:31 jag: i really hate the idea
21:25:04 jag: but i already know i'm yours
21:25:54 jag: and you know it too

its funny how he pretends to be "wrapped around my finger". its not like he ever does shit i say.

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