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oh noooooooooo...

angelicdestiny, jo81, seer,

I was running a program to clean the user picture database and delete all
but everybody's newest 15 user pictures... what I forgot is that when you
upload a picture you'd already used in the past, it doesn't update the time,
but uses the old copy instead.... I realized this after I ran the job.

A few thousand pictures modified, but you 3 got screwed by my mistake.

seer, I was able to recover your picture because it was still in memory long
enough. angelicdestiny, jo81, sorry --- I hope you have a backup copy of
your latest picture that you can upload.

The good news, though, is that some cool new features are coming related to
user pictures... you'll get to keep a bunch of pictures on the server and
choose which to use for different posts, and even have pictures the
correspond to your moods.... *shrug* kinda fun I guess.

again, sorry... let me know if I can help you get things working again.

- brad

i dont have any of my old LJ pics cause i dont have my computer anymore :o\ do you have any of my LJ pics? maybe in your cache or something?

if you do, could you please send them to thank you :o)

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