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11:10:23 jag: last night was sooo fucked
11:10:30 xangelicdestinyx: ?
11:10:38 jag: we hung out with my brother in law because he had the baby
11:10:46 jag: like, my three uncles, and a bunch of my cousins
11:11:01 jag: and we had a drink with him, like that was the plan
11:11:13 jag: but we had a bunch except me, i had like two beers
11:11:24 jag: so everyone started talking to me about you
11:11:30 xangelicdestinyx: oh no
11:11:36 jag: instead of congratulating him about the baby
11:11:48 jag: till like 3 in the morning
11:11:53 jag: and then i had to drive us home
11:12:05 jag: because i'd had like two beers over 5 hours or so
11:12:09 jag: and those guys were loaded
11:12:27 jag: they say really dumb shit
11:12:35 jag: i explained things, but they don't believe me
11:13:00 xangelicdestinyx: believe?
11:13:31 jag: i got pissed off eventually, and was a bit disrespectful, and then everyone was all ready to kick my ass, but it calmed down
11:13:49 jag: well, i'm like "i love her" they're like "you're just fucking around"
11:14:26 jag: i say "i like living by myself" and they say "so move back home in two months ok"
11:14:49 jag: "i don't want to go to school for a bit" and my uncle is like "enroll next semester"
11:15:21 jag: they don't listen
11:15:53 jag: my cousins are ok, my uncles and my dad ignore whatever i say pretty much
11:16:04 xangelicdestinyx: annoying
11:16:42 jag: lots of shouting, i hate that shit
11:16:53 jag: i think they'll think about things though
11:17:10 jag: and see that i'm not taking off on you, and get the idea into their heads

theyre all nuts. they even blame *me* because *he* got an apartment! i didnt ask him, he wanted to. they say the reason i came up here was because he got a good job. no, thats why he went out and got a job (so he could get an apartment and live with me). i was planning on coming to washington before he even got the job, and was gonna live with my friend H and her boyfriend. they also think im a whore, which is funny since so far im like the only one of his girlfriends who doesnt try to fuck everyone, including his fiends. keep in mind JAG is their son and hes the biggest whore of them all!!! well, maybe not the biggest compared to some of his "friends", but hes still not the person you would want to leave your partner alone with. what else... since jags been in canada (hes at the hospital cause his uncle fell off a ladder and went into a coma) he wakes up he forgets where he is and thinks hes here, so hell call out my name to find out why im not in bed, when people ask what hes doing theyll says "hes calling his family". is that not fucked up or what? these people should be fuckin happy hes finally doing something, instead of giving him shit about the "whore". before he met me all he did was sit around, get drunk and fuck slutty chicks (&"?"). his parents had been telling him to get his license for a long ass time. did he ever get off his ass and get it? nope. i tell him he should get it so he could come to help me move. does he get it? yup. when he lived with them did he have a job? not really. does he now? yes. they have a problem with the fact that he moved out of their house, but they didnt have a problem with it when he was gonna move out with his friend, just now because its with a "white girl". they say stuff like "its not good to judge people we haven't met, maybe she's innocent in all this". in all what? what the fuck did i do??? maybe if his dad didnt treat him like shit, jag wouldnt have wanted to get out of that house as much as he did.

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