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i was just about to post that jag is soooo good because he went out in the cold to buy us dinner then went out AGAIN to buy some salad, nuts, strudel and pads, but when he came home i found out he spent $30. $30??? thats a lot for what he came home with. it turns out he bought too many nuts or some shit like that. jeez, crazy indian.

OH, jag aint got noooooooo hair on his head and it looks soooooooo funny. he likes to be called "bad head" and "mr. clean", i still call him "BOOBY MAN" or "FAT BOY" which coincidently is the same thing his sister calls him.

our fishy died today :'o( we dont know what happened. when we went to bed it was a happy fishy, when we woke up it was a dead fishy... ON THE FLOOR! OUR FISHY JUMPED OUT OF THE BOWL ON TO THE THE FLOOR!!! :o\ i knew our fishy was nutty, but i didnt think our fishy was *that* nutty. jag thinks our fishy committed suicide because of his shouting all the time.

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