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all the parts to my new computer are here, except for the cd/dvd/rw drive :o\ they said it should be here by friday.

yesterday i was supposed to hang out with kim after her classes, but since i missed her phone call it turned out to be dinner with "bad head" and "edward scissorhands" (hehe ;o) ;o)) at her house.

im still waiting for the shoes i ordered from jag got all pissy cause i didnt want to buy expensive shoes. i ruin shoes. id much rather ruin inexpensive shoes, especially when im not spending my money.

Order detail:

Quantity Item Description Item Total After Discount
1 Quarter Strap Sandal $14.99 $12.99
color: Black, size: 8.5 Regular
lot number: 008866

1 Closed Toe Platform $16.99 $12.99
color: Black, size: 8.5 Regular
lot number: 008422

1 Basic Black Boot Jr. $17.99 $14.99
color: Black, size: 6 Regular
lot number: 001207
Shipping: $0.00
Handling: $0.00
Sub-total: $40.97
Tax: $3.50
Total: $44.47

not bad, eh? jag wants me to buy stuff like this. where the hell am i gonna wear that?

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