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jags sick and coughing all over me :o\ his new favorite song is "gimme that nut" by eazy e. i wish you could see the look on his face when he listens to my mp3s, he looks so fascinated. sometimes he tries to sing along, but because he doesnt know the words he sounds like a little kid. its funny :o) im sooo hooked on napster! ive been saying to myself "start some downloads, then go to bed", but by the time i get a bunch of songs started, theyre almost done. so i think "ok, just a few more" and it never ends :o\ its good that i can download mp3s that fast, but i think jags having trouble sleeping cause im not in bed :o\ right now ive got 2 downloads that are going pretty slow, so im just gonna let them do their thing and get in bed. night night :o)

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