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oh no, not another long one :o\

i dont know how im supposed to feel about what i read yesterday (btw, thats jag talking to his ex).


1) "I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THIS THE OTHER DAY" check out the date on that entry. 2) "WHO DO I GOTTA KILL TO GET MY DEVILGIRL BACK" *my*? 3) he says that same type of shit to me.

hes always like "the list of people i have to kill is huge, ill be wading through pool of blood, blah blah blah". ive noticed that about jag, he say the same type of shit to everyone. even when hes apologizing for stuff it always sounds the same, i like hes got a script memorized. it really pisses me off when guys use the same lines on diffrent girls. hes even asked me to do the same shit adria (another ex) did to him. wtf? im not her. i wasent put on this earth to be a reincarnate of this chick. he doesnt let go of the past. like when he wore his shirt with holes allover the back of it, he had to point out that allison put the holes there with her nails while they were fucking. does he think i want to hear about this shit? then i had to deal with him the rest of the night trying to get on me in that shirt. what was he thinking? oh well, its not like hes been getting any from me in the first place. i understand that he has probably fucked someone in every shirt he owns, and that the only thing that makes that shirt different is the fact that there are little holes in the back of it that remind him, but if i said to him "see how theses panties are torn and have blood stains all over them? thats when "whoever" did "this and that", he would freak!

it also pisses me off that he freaks out when i chat with anyone. one minute hes fine, then its like "who are you talking to? *nutty jag: ON* IS HE TRYING TO GET ON YOU!?! IM GONNA FUCKIN KILL HIM!#@!#!" its annoying, but both jag and his ex (allison) say hes never behaved like this before. i think hes trying to scare me so i wont do anything to make him feel insecure about other guys (like chatting or hanging out. bryan knows what im talking about). like "if i fuck up on him, hell kill me (or the guy)". i dont know... the reason i say this is because when he went nutty on julia he got off on the fact that she was scared of him, too scared to do/say anything stupid, yet that didnt stop her from dumping his ass and going to a party and telling EVERYONE about the brian+jag incident when he wasent around, did? there goes his "she fears me" theory, eh? he also seems to believe fear is the exact same thing as respect. hes nuts. hes been telling me that hes gonna see a doctor cause he *really* needs to talk to a pro about a whole shitload of stuff, but a day or two after he says hell go, he changes his mind. then when i wanna keep track of his nutty stuff he freaks out cause he doesnt want his mom to make him see a doctor again (his mom reads my journal), so i have to make "friends" only posts which i hate doing. he knows about my journal (obviously, LJ is where i met him), if he doesnt want nutty/bad shit posted about him then he shouldnt do whatever hes done in the first place. if hes like "oh no, hide 'this or that' cause my mom will see it", then he knows hes done something he shoulnt have, so that means he understands the difference between right and wrong. its all up to him. i dont know. maybe im nutty.

im done rambling now.
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