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jag asked me why havent been posting...

went to lunch with jag, jeff, and kim yesterday. then went shopping with kim. bought some stuff for the house, jag some sweaters and some skirts for me. the belt i was wearing messed up the lining of my jacket :o\ i need to get that fixed.

two things from the other day: my friend (H) told her "friend" (i will refer to as "the hoe bag") that she will be in germany for christmas and her boyfriend would be staying in washington cause he has to work. then Hs boyfriend asked her to go some other time so she could spend the holidays with him (which i told her she should have done in the first place, but does anyone ever listen to me?). so she postponed her trip till january, but never told "the hoe bag" cause she didnt want to her calling the house or trying to visit. i said "what if she calls your house anyway knowing you wont be home, so she could talk to your boyfriend ALONE ;o) ;o)" and she said "naw, shes a slut, but im her only friend and i dont think she would do that to me". GUESS WHAT. she did. H called me up all pissed off and saying "i cant belive you were right, i cant belive you were right" i said "when am i ever wrong?" she said "i know, but i didnt think you would be right about this one". friends are great, arent they? ;o)

this guy i dated a long ass time ago and dont particularly like invited me to his new years party. i mentioned something about having a boyfriend then he logged off of AIM, when i messaged him on ICQ asking why he wasent talking to me on AIM anymore, he logged off of ICQ. HAHAHAHAHAHA. hes dork, but he already knew that.

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