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im thinkin maybe i should take up smoking full time since jag is addicted all of a sudden, even though he isnt *really*. considering the fact that he didnt smoke while he live with his parents, only when he would go out. he knows its not good for him. it makes me feel ill. makes this apartment and everything in it smell foul. i also like the fact that he has time to play with his dick for an hour, read some of his book, take a long shower, hassle me about how he *needs* to smoke for 15 minutes, but doesnt have time to do stuff like write out a check to pay the phone bill or shave his face, (that already looks like it hasent been shaved for 3 days) in the morning. oh well.

i saw the posts regarding people using my LJ icon, thanks guys :o) heh, someone even tried to say i stole mine from them. too funny.

i had two shitty dreams this morning :o\
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