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for some reason i think that people wont recognize me when i dont have make up on, it makes me quite disturbed when people do. ESPECIALLY WHEN IVE NEVER MET THEM!#@!#! ;o) so, ummm... yeah. mischief recognized me at the mall today :o) its was very weird since i didnt know what she looked like, so when she stopped me and said "LJ" i was like "HUH?", but then she said livejournal. then i was scared cause i didnt recognize her (cause you can hardly see her face in any of the pictures shes posted), then she told me who she was and it was allllllllll good :o) she was there buying stuff for her NEW APARTMENT, so we didnt talk much. next time :o)

i just posted this in jags LJ by mistake. OOPS :o)

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