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last night jag was feeling sick, so i went to the store around 12am to get some pepto-bismol. it was snowing so i bought one of those $9 disposable cameras with a flash and took pictures of the snow on the way home :o)

Postmortal: I'm bored.
xangelicdestinyx: so go out
Postmortal: There is no where to go.
xangelicdestinyx: visit friends
Postmortal: I don't have any
Postmortal: I'm going to go stare blankly at the television now.
Postmortal signed off at 6:13:22 PM

im not sayin im psychic or anything, but, i dont think shes in a very good mood :o\

whoa, i just saw this.

that means she was in a decent mood when she messaged me, then i pissed her off :o\
jag just called and now hes pissed at me too. its a talent, i tells ya!
aim doesnt seem to like me either. it crashed right after i hung up with jag.
im chatting with mr.g0sh now. i wonder how this will go...

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