angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

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im such a lucky girl...

jag bought me a gift. youd think id be happy, right? well, im not. he bought me a knife. "i went to the mall and *was* gonna buy you jewelry, but i didnt see anything i liked so i bought you a knife". thanks a lot. he says its not a coincidence that hed been shopping on the net for a new knife. uh huh. he says he thought i id be happy, despite the fact that we had a conversation about knifes and his nutty ass carrying one of them just the other day. i dont approve. then surprise surprise, he bought a gift for *ME*. yeah, right. he doesnt get me shit for christmas or valentines day, but TODAY he decides to get me a fuckin knife. then he acts all hurt and surprised when i tell him to take it back. yeah, fuck him. thats just like this computer and the doggie. all stuff he wanted, but figured i wouldnt mind him blowing money on if he said they were "gifts" for me.
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