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THE ALPHA IS HERE. jags is outside helping them bring it to the apartment. so now hes gonna own FIVE computers he never uses. i especially hate this one. because of it i havent really been eating anything other than tuna and the bills cant be paid cause there is no money in the bank.

oh yeah, the graphics card for the alpha came today too. "this one is cool cause i can hook up two monitors". we only have two monitors. the one that only works on his one computer and the silicon graphics monitor that im using (and is getting ready to blow).

this reminds me...
last night jag was like "i know what im gonna get you for your birthday (in a month), computer stuff". so, he means "another gift for me (like the knife)." oh joy, i cant wait. its sad. hes never bought anything with *me* in mind. he says the black computer is mine (thats why we built it black), but its not.*really* mine.

i hate "gifts" given to me that arent *really* mine. my birthday is gonna suck.

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